Is asynchronous request processing worth your time?

Recently, going through the Spring MVC documentation, I found a feature I haven’t previously used - asynchronous request processing. It is an addition of Servlet 3 API and a part of Java EE since its sixth edition from 2009; Spring started support it three years later. As it looks interesting (and as async is a popular word in developer’s journey since at least early Web 2.0 days) I decided to go deeper into details of it.

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What is Project Lombok and why you should use it?

Java is well known for its necessity to write quite a lot of code to perform simple tasks: all this getter/setter methods handled nicely by the competitors, common Problem Factories, Calendar & Date or logging jumbo. As more languages with plain syntax arise, staying put with actual aproach seems to be a bit out-of-date. There are even some propositons to add JavaScript’s-like val folding to change things, but with Oracle’s lacking investment it is hard to believe that any changes appear in a finite time. On the other hand Java ecosystem is full of decent libraries that can fill this gap; one of this libraries is Project Lombok.

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What is and how to defend against a server side request forgery?

Server side request forgery occurs when attacker enters one application and is able to use to it to perform some activity on another application(s). It can be scaning internal network, calling services or making request to another website - our case. Note, that a hacked application would be responsible for an attack - as it produces a call! - not hacker’s machine. More information can be found on numerous sites on the Internet, e.g. here.

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Compression modes in Solr 5.5

The ideal situation is when whole index can be located in memory, due to disk operations are much slower then those in RAM. What’s more, often companies have to fit the requirenments of the tender or reduce server costs, which put pressure on developers to come up with a solution that will make the index smaller.

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Solr with VisualVM via JMX

Recently I had a need to measure Solr memory usage and I decided to use free Oracle tool - VisualVM. As usual an official documentation provides some help, but to make things simpler I extended my Solr startup script for Windows to put all important information in one place.

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Solr startup scripts on Windows

As we all know from Solr website:

Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene.

It’s all true but on the other hand Solr is not known from its ease-of-use. In the fifth version community decided to address one of the main issues making Solr more demanding for newcomers than competition, that is simplicity of startup.

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